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History Goes Bump: Ghost Tours For The Mind

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind! Join Diane as she explores the haunted history of locations, people and events. Each episode features a Moment in Oddity and This Month in History segment. Join us for chills and you might even learn something!

Oct 23, 2016

This topic was suggested by our listener Miranda Hofer and she joins us as special co-host to talk about the Djinn and her personal experiences with these entities. Many people's only experience with the creatures called Djinn are through stories about genies. We've been lead to believe that these creatures live in lamps and can only be released by rubbing the outside of the lamp. Once released, the genie promises to fulfill three wishes of the person who has freed it. The actual legends about Djinn are something quite different. The Djinn can be very frightening entities and have abilities that make them dangerous. They have gained in popularity and moved out from Islamic lore into the pop culture. The Moment in Oddity features The Azores Mermaid Hoax and This Day in History features the premiere of the Disney Movie Dumbo.

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