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History Goes Bump: Ghost Tours For The Mind

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind! Join Diane as she explores the haunted history of locations, people and events. Each episode features a Moment in Oddity and This Month in History segment. Join us for chills and you might even learn something!

Oct 8, 2016

This episode is dropping on October 8th because this day in history marks the 145th anniversary of a day when terrible fires wiped out cities and took the the lives of thousands of people in 1871. One fire, the Great Chicago Fire, is well known, but there were other big fires, including one that not many people know about that actually claimed more lives and that was the Peshtigo Fire. The summer had been abnormally dry and it did not take much for the fires to spark and spread. The stories about these disasters are tragic, leaving behind emotions and turmoil that seem to fuel paranormal activity. And then there is the odd twist that these deadly fires occured on the same day. Join us as we share the history and hauntings of the 1871 Infernos! The Moment in Oddity was suggested by Michael Rogers and features the baby eating giant statue in Bern and This Moment in History features the Second Opium War. Our show topic was suggested by listener Ellen Martin.

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