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History Goes Bump: Ghost Tours For The Mind

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind! Join Diane as she explores the haunted history of locations, people and events. Each episode features a Moment in Oddity and This Month in History segment. Join us for chills and you might even learn something!

Feb 14, 2015

The most notorious gangster shooting in history occurred on a day that was meant for the veneration of a saint and for the commercialization of love: St. Valentine's Day.  This event occurred during the era of Prohibition and tension between rival Mafia families was at an all time high.  The crime was horrific and bloody and forever left its mark.  But this event not only holds a place in history, it seems to hold a place in time and location in the present even though the building in which the massacre took place has been torn down.  This event is haunted. Join Denise and Diane as they take you through the history and the haunting of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre! Moment in oddity features the inspiration behind Hitchcock's "The Birds" and This Day in History features the discovery that the Earth wobbles.

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